Finishing Funds Grant Program




FRIDAY April 15, 2014

Online application must be submitted by 11pm, 4/15/2014 and your full length work sample must be uploaded for viewing on or before April 15, 2014.  (TEST YOUR LINK INCLUDING PASSWORD)

ALSO, send a DVD of the Work sample to PIFVA at 2200 Ben Franklin Parkway, S-305, Philadelphia, PA 19130 postmarked by April 18, 2014.


The PIFVA Finishing Funds Program awards grants to Philadelphia-area independent media makers with film/video projects in the post-production stage with an anticipated completion date of fifteen months from the grant deadline. Grants are up to $1,500 and are paid directly to service providers.


Who can apply?
  • Project Director or Producer who is a current member of PIFVA living in the Philadelphia region.
  • Regional student members with current school ID.
  • Projects submitted by non-profit organizations. Organizations must be a current organizational/corporate member.

What projects are eligible for Finishing Funds?

The projects that are in the post-production or distribution stage only, and are finished or expect to be finished within fifteen months of the application deadline, are eligible for funding.

What projects are ineligible?

Projects in the developmental or pre-production stages; commercial projects produced for organizations; screenplays; work created for promotional purposes and any projects funded in previous Finishing Fund.

Who retains copyright of the funded projects?

The filmmaker or non-profit organization retains all rights to the project. PIFVA must be credited in the final credits role and all marketing materials.

What services do the Finishing Funds cover?

Editor consultations; Fine-cut editing; DVD authoring; website development and online marketing initiatives for your finished film; sound mixing; color correction; Title design; Graphics/Animation/Illustration; dub-titling; close-captioning; archival footage rights; master dubs; distribution planning; other services –contact PIFVA AT CONTACTUS@PIFVA.ORG

What process is used to select the projects?

PIFVA assembles an independent and objective panel to review all written and audio/visual application materials.

What does the panel consider when evaluating my application?

The panel awards projects they consider to have artistic merit, appropriately high production values, a realistic budget, an effective distribution plan, and is finished or will be finished within fifteen months of the grant application deadline.  The panel also prefers projects that are at a critical juncture where the award will have real impact on the filmmaker’s ability to complete the project.

How much money can I apply for?

Filmmakers can apply for a grant of a maximum of $1,500 cash to be paid directly to a service provider. Occasional in-kind services will be available.

Why is the vendor paid directly?

This ensures that PIFVA and its members are engaging local service providers to help complete their projects.

What should be included in the work sample?

A full-length rough cut that best represents this current film project. Submitting raw unedited footage is not  appropriate, you should have at least a rough edit of your material. Send PIFVA a link of the preview on April 15, 2014 and MAIL a DVD to PIFVA at 2200 Ben Franklin Parkway, S-305, Philadelphia, PA 19130 by April 18, 2014. 

How do I get an application?

Apply by clicking HERE for the application..  If you do not have access to the internet you can use the PIFVA office computer to complete the application. Please call ahead to reserve the time on the computer.

When am I notified of PIFVA panel’s decision?

Notification is usually within 90 days of the deadline.

How do I send in my work sample??

You upload to your favorite video server and send PIFVA the link. TEST YOUR LINK BEFORE SENDING THE LINK!!!!!! We also need you to send us an actual DVD for the panel meeting POSTMARKED, April 18, 2014.

PIFVA Finishing Funds Grant Program is made possible with support from the Wyncote Foundation and the Philadelphia Cultural Fund .