Grant Recipients

Congratulations to all our Finishing Fund Program Grant Recipients!

Spring 2012

Steven Berry, The Historical Approach to the Positive Music

David Block, Dancing Outside the Box

Ellen Knechel, Excavation

Shahin Izadi, The Extremist

Michael Johnston, Irina

James Madison, Awake

Jonathan Olshefski, The Scrapper

Noam Osband, Donde Esta Mexico

Emre Ozdemir, Wind, Sand and Stars

Nadine Patterson, Tango Macbeth

Isaac Ruth, The Whispers in the Walls

Sara Suleman, Maps

Dwight Wilkins, A Rose on Ninth Street

Fall 2011

Alqadar Ambarien for The Ghetto Girl for Web Development

Andrew Bateman for Roy: Dreamcatcher for Color Correction/Sound

Aggie Ebrahimi Bazaz for Inheritance for Color Correction

Shane Book for Lover’s Rock for Fine Cut Editing/Sound

Chinonye Chukwu for Alaskaland for Color Correction

Rodney Evans for The Happy Sad for Fine Cut Editing

Peter Kim for 1000Li for Color Correction

Doris Chia-Ching Lin for Drop Dead Gorgeous for Sound Design

Lindsay Martin for Every Speed for Sound/Master

Maria Teresa Rodriguez for Donde Estan? for Graphic Design

Sara Suleman for Paperdoll for Sound/Master

Peng Wan for Family Plan for Sound/Music

Alessandro Zangirolami for Not in Rivers, But in Drops for DVD authoring

SPRING 2011 

Giana Marinelli  for Music Score creation for The Inner Side of Horrible 

Ed Shockley & Lary Moten for Acquiring Archival Footage for The Art of Peace

Nsenga Knight  for Editing consultation for 4 Women 

Malia Bruker  for Creating Sound/Titles for Chase

Brent Weichsel for Color Correction/Sound for Corbin

Jonathan Olshefski for Fine-cut editing;film transfer for Quest

Yvonne Latty for DVD authoring; music for Sacred Poison

Justin Fortmeier for Color correction/Sound forInfinite

Robert Larkin for  DVD authoring; music for Romaine

Fiona Otway for Color Correction for Kiss the Paper

Zach Auron for color correction for 16mm Monster

FALL 2010

Harvey Benschoter, for Carl

Every Mother is a Working Woman for, DHS: Give Us Back Our Children

Kristin Fairweather and Jenny Deller, for Future Weather

David Miranda Hardy,  for Topo Gigio is Dead

Bruce James,  for  They're in the River

Ian Markiewicsz,  for  Mosaic

Alexis McCrimmon, for Pigment

Sharon Mullally, Married in Spandex

Lisa Marie Patzer, for Troupe de Fetishe

Brandon Ripley for, The Call

Scribe Video Center for, Precious Places Community History Project


Alyssa Achuff for "Saving Bella"

Deron Albright "The Destiny of Lesser Animals"

Tiffany Caprice for "Calendar Girl"

Chinonye Chukwu for "The Dance Lesson"

Marc D’Agostino for "the_source"

Jonathan Foy for "Resurrect Dead"

Julia Fuller for "Illness Magnified"

Valerie Harris for "A Highway Runs Through It… A Community History of Darby Township"

Ned Hylton for "Andy the Giraffe Loves Philadelphia"

Frances McElroy for "Making Waves"

Emre Ozdemir for "Urva"

Yanik Ruiz-Ramón for "Scorned"

Gregory Starr for "Honest Abe"

Wendy Weinberg for "Never Too Late"

FALL 2009

Amit Ashraf  for "Runaway"

Dina Dashielle  for "When Everybody Goes Home"

Laura Deutch for "El Sol Sale Para Todod/The Sun Comes Out for Everyone"

Laska Jimsen For "Horse in the City"

Seymour Levin for "Emma’s Haircut"

Tiona McClodden for "black.womyn: conversations with lesbians of African descent"

Anthony Normil for "Camden High"

Dorothea Otto for "Night Safari"

Serena Reed for "philly homegrown"

Anula Shetty for "Paddana, Song of the Ancestors"

Rea Tajiri for "History and Memory"


Cindy Burstein and Tony Heriza for "Concrete, Steel and Paint Website"

Tiffany Caprice for "Swooped"

Chinonye Chukwu for "Igbo Kwenu!"

Emmanuel Elan Gepner for "Gabriel Rising"

Maris Gillette for "Working in China"

Leigh Iacobucci for "Take Me Away Fast"

Valerie Keller and Elizabeth Fiend for "Green Three Party"

Natasha Ngaiza for "Chamomile Tea"

Nadine Patterson for a compilation of her Film/Video Work

Nate Rulf for "The Chinese Room"

Gisela Nichole Brake Silla for "The Continent of Light"

Bert Schultz for "Fordham SDS