Matthew Pillischer

Matthew Pillischer




filmmaker, organizer, lawyer

Production Skills:

  • actor
  • archival researcher
  • business planning
  • camera operator
  • composer
  • curator
  • director
  • distributor
  • editor
  • filmmaker/videomaker
  • grantwriter
  • graphic design
  • location sound
  • marketing & promotion
  • media project consultant
  • producer
  • line producer
  • producer of distribution
  • screenwriter
  • sounddesign/ADR/mixing
  • special effects
  • still photographer
  • webdesign/development
  • writer


Matt's Personal Website, listing film and other activities


I wear many hats, but am first and foremost a film director/editor. I like to have my hands in a lot of different things, and I'm an artist who loves to try a little of everything. Also an activist who wants to use film as a tool for social change. Also a scary movie buff in the process of making my first very low budget feature horror movie, One serious documentary under my belt,, hoping to move on to other projects in Philly and beyond. Looking to connect with independent film producers who are interested in new projects, to help from the start, including helping to secure funding that will pay us both!

Media Portfolio:

  • Broken On All Sides preview
  • A Dark Souvenir preview